Asheville Surprise Proposal Photographer

As an Asheville photographer, there is not much that excites me more than a surprise proposal. Being a part of a couple’s future beginning, is precious to me. In fact, capturing a surprise proposal is probably my favorite event to photograph. The emotion of the moment is just so raw. A couple realizing their futures are just beginning. Obviously, a very exciting time 🙂

Another fun and challenging aspect of a surprise proposal, is talking through things with one asking the big question. Together, figuring out the best setting and approach to capturing this moment, is a lot of fun for me. If you don’t want the other person knowing that the moment is being captured on camera, then some planning has to happen. I love seeing a plan come together, and executed perfectly. This always results in a happy future bride who is amazed that all this was pulled off without her knowledge.

Max Patch Surprise Proposal

When Dwain contacted me about capturing his proposal to Hattie, I knew this was going to be extra special. He was willing to do whatever it took to make this moment perfect for Hattie. He was very much into the planning stage as well. Providing details about Hattie such as her favorite movie (The Sound of Music), her style, etc really helped in choosing the best location for the big moment.

Dwain took my advice and searched out the location earlier in the day. He agreed it was an epic location. After a lunch with Hattie in Knoxville, Dwain packed a picnic of sips and nibbles, and took Hattie to Max Patch. We had agreed beforehand that just as the sun was about to drop behind the mountains, Dwain would drop to one knee. Thankfully, there were a ton of people on Max Patch that evening (though you cannot tell from photos!) and we were all able to be in clear view without giving ourselves away. There were so many people there with cameras! It was a perfect disguise for us. After lots of munching, giggles & selfies, the time came. Dwain dropped to one knee and the rest is history.

Engaged Couple on Max Patch Bald Mountain
Surprise engagement on Max Patch near Asheville NC
Asheville Surprise Proposal Photographer capturing engaged couple on Max Patch

North Carolina Surprise Proposal Photographer

I am so fortunate to have amazing friends in this business. Seeing the perfect weather forecast, coupled with the perfect location, I knew we needed it captured. I contacted Aaron Morrell of Grae Skye Studio to capture the background of this engagement session. After having worked with him on four other projects, I knew he was the man for the job. And I had this sense that this was going to epic. It truly was.