Camry's Topsail Island Sunrise Bridal Session


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Camry’s gorgeous sunrise session began before the first light met the sea. The weather was warm, humid, and the sound of crashing waves accentuated the quiet morning. Seagulls flew overhead as I lugged my gear down a salty boardwalk, through the dunes, to the beach. No matter how many times I see the sunrise on the coast, it never ceases to take my breath away. The morning of the shoot was no different. I stood in awe as I saw the stars disappearing and the sky begin to slowly lighten with the approaching sun.

Fishing boats off in the horizon lazily cruised by. An occasional dolphin fin could be seen rising silently above the waves, then just as stealthily disappear.

Camry arrived looking radiant in her gown. We had planned to make the shoot very local, very organic. The sponge Camry held, a maritime bouquet complete with bespoke silk ribbons , completed the look we were trying to achieve. The sand dollar was a perfect prop for her gorgeous engagement ring . I personally found both items in the years of frequenting Topsail Island, and only added to the charm of the session. We began shooting test shots, trying out different poses, capturing the elegant in-between movements, I like to call them. Moments where the subject is completely un-posed and candid.

The sky began to lighten, the beach coming alive with seagulls flying overhead and fish splashing out of the water as if in anticipation for the sunrise as well!

Then, slowly, the orange glow slipped above the horizon line. The warm light filled the air and warmed our faces as we continued to shoot. The magical moment where God’s creation is illuminated by His light, His glory. It overwhelms my heart to see it each time. What a wonderful Creator that made such beauty for us to enjoy!

Thank you Camry for making this shoot so much fun!







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