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BeautifulWedding Flowers

Wedding Flowers
Picking out wedding flowers, I think, are the most fun part of planning a wedding. Choosing flowers and a florist is your first step to incorporating your wedding colors. It is definitely a big decision, but really, how can you go wrong? Today, we are reviewing and introducing you to some of the most beautiful wedding flowers and wedding florists you'll see. They span[...]

Beautiful & TastyWedding CakeYum!

Wedding Cake
If you know me, you know I LOVE wedding cake! There's just something about the marriage of sugar, flour and icing that gets me every time. I love it! And since I am at weddings pretty regularly, I can tell good cake from--well, not so good cake. Can there actually be a bad cake? If there is, I've never eaten it. So today I am doing a quick roundup of some of our favor[...]