Christmas Cookie ExchangeWith Your Bridesmaids

Are you having a winter wedding and not quite sure what to do with your bridesmaids? Of course you want to do something intimate and sweet. You want to do something special for them, but what?How about a Christmas Cookie Exchange? A Christmas cookie exchange with your bridesmaids will be the perfect activity/socialization event. And you’ll have wonderful memories of the holidays spent together.

Christmas Cookie Exchange

I love the idea of a Christmas Cookie Exchange. But then, I love Christmas, based on my blog posts here and here and yes, here!  But really, there’s something special about gathering around the kitchen with Christmas music playing (we highly recommend Frank Sinatra), baking cookies and just being together. That’s what your future bridesmaids want the most anyway, right? Below is a collection of inspiration shots to help you plan such an event, with some tips along the way. We photographed this shoot in conjunction with Honeybee Events and Sweet Pea Knoxville. Wedding Chicks loved this shoot and featured it on their website here. It was also featured on The Bride Link here , on Mountainside Bride here, and on Aisle Society Here. Enjoy!

Christmas Cookie Exchange Bridesmaids knoxville-christmas-shoot-red-boat-photography-22

Bridesmaid Fun!

Purchase some fun cookie cutters, cute trays, etc. You could even have a Christmas movie showing in the background to make it more festive. Have I mentioned how much I love festive?! Choose your favorite cookie to make and then do it together!
knoxville-christmas-shoot-red-boat-photography-26 knoxville-christmas-shoot-red-boat-photography-25 knoxville-christmas-shoot-red-boat-photography-24 knoxville-christmas-shoot-red-boat-photography-23 knoxville-christmas-shoot-red-boat-photography-27 knoxville-christmas-shoot-red-boat-photography-28
knoxville-christmas-shoot-red-boat-photography-30 knoxville-christmas-shoot-red-boat-photography-31 knoxville-christmas-shoot-red-boat-photography-32 knoxville-christmas-shoot-red-boat-photography-33 knoxville-christmas-shoot-red-boat-photography-37

Set a beautiful and cozy tablescape  for everyone to sit and enjoy company and cookies. We highly recommend purchasing any decor you  may need from Sweet Pea’s in Knoxville. They provided the beautiful decor for this shoot and have such a wonderful selection of hand-picked items. You cannot go wrong in purchasing from Sweet Pea’s! Owner Dee Lockwood is a genuinely sweet person with a love for beautiful things.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this cookie exchange inspiration shoot. I hope its provided you with new ideas on how to celebrate your bridesmaids, aka the most wonderful girlfriends in your life. Merry Christmas!


knoxville-christmas-shoot-red-boat-photography-36 knoxville-christmas-shoot-red-boat-photography-35