Engaged for Christmas, I got engaged, Engaged now what?

Engaged For Christmasand what to do next!

Engagement For Christmas

So, if you’re one of the lucky ones who got engaged for Christmas, Congrats! I know that is a feeling you’ll never be able to replace! When Alex asked me to marry him on the beach at Topsail Island, during sunset, I couldn’t have felt more happy, fulfilled, and joyous! And if you’ve got new bling on your left hand, I bet you feel the same way. What surprised me most, after becoming engaged, was the onslaught of questions and pressure I hadn’t expected. We got some beautiful gifts too though and I think when Christmas day comes round we might be getting a few more, an engagement christmas ornament would be so lovely. Altogether, it was the happiest of times but yet the most stressful of times all at once. I want to help you manage that stress with a little insight from someone who witnesses this all the time. (By the way, don’t you love that rose-gold ring from Markmans?! Read more about this engagement story at Butterfly Gap Retreat here.

Engaged for Christmas

and what to do next!

First and foremost, I would recommend getting a wedding planner. I know a lot of really good ones that will design and plan the entire event. Phew! What a stress reliever! Planners can also help find all your vendors. They know the quality vendors because they work weddings professionally. They also have a vast amount of insight into weddings, current trends, etc. But, I know some of you are thinking “I have a really organized friend…” If that’s what you’re thinking, head over to my friend Megan’s website and read this great article on the subject. Worried your mom will feel bumped from the planning if you have a pro? Check out Leigh Pearce Eventsarticle on that topic!

Wedding Planners

I also want to note that wedding planners truly pay for themselves. So many hours of work are lost to planning. I remember those days. I also remember crying and stressing a lot. This is the happiest time of your life–don’t spend this time stressing!

I also love how on the wedding day, the planner keeps everything running smoothly. They do a great job of keeping you out of the loop in a good way! You never hear about the caterer getting lost, the pianist running late, or the cake having to be “touched up”. Not that this happens at every wedding, but something will inevitably happen. And inevitably, it’s all fixed by the time of the ceremony. Did you need to be stressed about it? Nope.

Trust someone who did it the wrong way and didn’t get a planner. Get the planner–you’ll be SO happy that you did!

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