OurGreat Smoky Mountain Adventure

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Recently, my husband and I had an adventure in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park after it was recommended to us by a friend. They pointed us in the direction of their website, (smokymountainvacationinfo.com) and we were instantly amazed at just how much they could offer us during our stay. When first looking online to book somewhere to stay, we discovered so many little places that were dotted all around the Smoky Mountains, like in Wears Valley there were some beautiful lodges that we really liked the look of, and we will definitely take another look into some of those on our next trip back here. And many of them do offer a variety of outdoor activities along with an amazing view such as Ziplines in the Smoky Mountains. Anyways, as there are so many activities you can do here and a range of places to sleep, it was simply a no brainer and we thought that Fall would be the best time to go on this trip. The leaves were just beginning to show their color and the crisp Fall air mandated clothing layers.

I have to say, Fall clothing is probably my favorite. I love cardigans, long-sleeved t-shirts and soft jeans. It just makes me feel cozy! And a weekend getaway with my husband just enhanced the cozy feelings.

Anyway, back to the Smoky’s. We throughly enjoyed our weekend spent driving on The Dragon, a night in the beautiful Tapoco Lodge, and exploring in Fontana. Getting out and exploring is something we both enjoy so much and I didn’t realize until this trip, what a necessity it is.

I learned, through our time away from the stresses of everyday life, that being away as a couple, is so important.

We welcomed a beautiful baby boy into our lives one year ago. He is such a joy, a sweetheart, and has taught me so much about life. Ironic, from someone who’s had such a short one so far. But truly, he is an amazing little boy.

But as we were driving on the twists and turns of mountain roads, listening to music and enjoying the beautiful Fall color, I realized that time together is not a luxury, it’s a necessity. We needed to be away from even our beautiful son, just for 24 hours. To be together as a couple, to remember the excitement we felt before we were married. We need to relive, on a regular basis, life before careers, jobs, and even our little precious gift from God.

The same is true for you. Whether you’re planning a wedding and getting bogged down in the details, or whether you’re like me and married for 5 years and dealing with the demands of life. We all need to get away and get back to the foundations of our relationships.

God promises in His word that He will “Still the roaring seas…and the turmoil of the nations”. We just need to move to a quiet space and let Him work in our hearts.

Have a great week!

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