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Hair & Makeup Artist in Winston Salem North Carolina

Looking for a Hair & Makeup Artist in Winston Salem North Carolina? I have found your girl! I recently photographed a wedding and a styled shoot with Brittany Crowder Hall of Chevalrie Salon and Spa. Her work is just amazing! I really love how she creates a light look that complements any skin tone. When you look at the girls she has worked with, you don’t instantly look at their makeup, you look at the person. I feel like that’s the true mark of a phenomenal stylist. Someone who makes you see the person behind the makeup first. I hope I can keep the look up, perhaps with something from or other places. It just looks so beautiful.

Spring House Restaurant, Kitchen and Bar

Styled Shoot

When I worked with Brittany on this styled shoot at Spring House, I was amazed at the light look she created for Kayla. When looking at this image, you look at her smile and the look in her eyes, not just how good her makeup looks. I also like how her makeup doesn’t detract from that stunning gown from Nitsa’s. Or that floral from Imagine Flowers. This image is just so sweet and innocent. The look of a sweet bride about to start her new life with her Love.

Spring House Winston Salem North Carolina


Greensboro College Wedding Greensboro, NC

I first met Brittany during our first wedding together at Greensboro College in Greensboro, NC. That’s when I noticed she was different than a lot of hair and makeup folks I’d worked with. Other than being a truly talented artist, she was super sweet, approachable and kind. I cannot tell you the number of times I’ve felt marginalized by a hair and makeup person. I’m not sure if its insecurities from my youth, or if its just the fact that I’m not the type of person to get all glammed up. But Brittany was just the opposite of the “mean girl” stereotype a lot of hair and makeup artists embody.

If you need a review of Brittany’s work, all you have to do is look at these images below. Everyone looks stunning because their true personalities are shining through. You don’t automatically look at these faces and think, “Wow, look at their makeup!”. You see the beauty that is naturally, but enhanced by Brittany’s craft.

I hope you’ll consider Brittany for your North Carolina Wedding!

Hair & Makeup Artist in Winston Salem North Carolina Hair & Makeup Artist in Winston Salem North Carolina
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