Knoxville Tennessee

Whitestone Country Inn Gazebo

Spring is in the air in Knoxville Tennessee!

I am loving this weather today, aren’t you?! While it hasn’t been a miserable Winter (yet), I am welcoming this warm weather today. I love this image from our styled shoot with The Bride Link. Check out our feature on Knotsvilla!

Knoxville Tennessee

I have really grown to love Knoxville. Being so close to downtown, we always have something fun to do or something interesting to see.

We love walks on Volunteer Landing, in and around Market Square, Ijams, Old City and Fountain City. Each area has its own unique qualities, abounding with history and charm!

Being a Carolina Girl transplanted to Knoxville, I had some misgivings about moving to another state. It’s scary moving from everything you know! Where will I get my hair cut? What grocery store is close to me? Will people be welcoming and friendly? What church will we go to? These were all questions swirling in my mind.

It has taken me several years to settle in here in Knoxville. I’m not sure if that’s because I left a very close, large family behind in North Carolina, or if I’m just a  creature of habit and couldn’t settle into this new environment. Either way, I’m very thankful that God has given me a spirit of belonging here. Really, I didn’t settle in until we got settled into church at Sevier Heights. I feel that’s the most important element in my life and God showed me that once I got that figured out, everything else settled into place.

Back to North Carolina

Even though I’ve found a home in Knoxville, I often return to North Carolina for weddings and to visit my family. I don’t charge travel fees to any area close to my family because I love being able to see them. I’m fortunate that I live within a five-hour drive to see them pretty often.


How about you? Are you new to Knoxville? Or struggling to find your way in a new town? I feel ya! Hang in there. It will get better.