IncorporatingPantone’s Color of the Yearas seen at Spring House in Winston Salem, NC

I am a huge fan of Pantone’s Color of the Year this year. I love greenery and always have. A few years back, I asked a florist a to create a bouquet made of ferns. She probably thought I was crazy, but I guess you could say I was a little ahead of my time. Nowadays you could likely ask a good florist in Beaconsfield or the like for this and they wouldn’t bat an eye. But you really don’t have to have an entire bouquet of greens to incorporate Pantone’s Color of the Year. Today I want to share a few inspiration shots of greenery at Spring House in Winston Salem, North Carolina, and show how you too can delicately incorporate it into your wedding.

Pantone’s Color of the Year


Spring House, Winston Salem, North Carolina

Greenery, Pantone’s Color of the Year, can be incorporated in a lot of less-obvious ways. Green doesn’t have to just be in your bouquet. You can create an ambiance around your venue by placing luscious ferns, a potted palm or banana tree, or even just placing springs in a vase as seen below.

Pantone's Color of the Year

There is nothing as Southern as a big fern. I love those rich hues and the soft way they drape down.Pantone's Color of the Year

Spring House created a lovely, relaxed seating area incorporating greens with this palm and ivy.Spring House Winston Salem North Carolina

Though in the background, this simple moss-filled vase with a single rose sprig on the table, creates the perfect splash of color.

Pantone's Color of the YearThe Spring House Restaurant Winston Salem North Carolina

Such a cute idea, this sprig of greenery in a tall vase creates a chic feel to this mantle.The Spring House Restaurant Winston Salem North Carolina

I love the way The Spring House in Winston Salem is so on-trend with their decor while being a historic landmark. Their staff and in-house florist does a fabulous job. If you book your wedding with them, all this gorgeous greenery will be part of the wedding day already. One less thing to worry about!I also love how Spring House has little touches of green on the table without being intrusive into your guest’s meal, as you can see on the table below.

Pantone’s Color of the Year, Greenery, will always be a favorite of mine. I have a feeling it’s not going out of style for a very long time.

I love idea-sharing! Please comment with more interesting ways you think greenery can be incorporated.