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Last Summer, I had the opportunity to meet Megan with Stressless Weddings. We immediately hit it off as she is such a sweet and down-to-earth person. I quickly learned that Megan is passionate about couples, in particularly, couples’ relationships. In fact, Megan has a degree in Counseling and uses this in her day-to-day operations. Following our meeting, we began to collaborate on a styled wedding shoot at Whitestone Inn with Heather of The Bride Link. (It was featured on Knotsvilla, too! woohoo!). Afterward, we continued to work together on weddings and styled shoots and became good friends.

Because I always want to introduce quality vendors to you, I’m showcasing Megan today on the blog, giving you a chance to get to know her better! Enjoy “meeting” this sweet soul and what drives her passion for couples!

About Megan of Stressless Weddings

Name: Megan Hurst Carter

Business Name: Stressless Weddings

What’s your favorite food? Pizza

What’s your favorite restaurant? That’s a toss up between Tomato Head and Aubrey’s

What’s your favorite candy or sweets? Dark chocolate

Other than your career, what do you love to do in your spare time?

I love to be with my family, travel to the beach, and spend hours in meaningful conversation with friends and loved ones.

What’s something cool about you that a lot of people don’t know? I went to seminary and I’m a retired pastor. (I retired myself, I’m not really THAT

About Stressless Weddings

Not only is Megan a super interesting person, she’s also incredibly passionate about her work as a wedding planner and counselor! Having been in the wedding industry for a while, I have to say she has a huge amount of passion for couples’ relationships past the wedding day. Not to mention her amazing talent of planning all the details perfectly for the big day!

How would you describe what you do?

I like to say, “I DO weddings, but I specialize in relationships.” I spend time a lot of time to get to know my brides. I want to know about their lives, those they love, and their dream wedding day. While bringing them the wedding they’ve always dreamed of is top priority, helping them focus on the relationship really matters to me. At the end of the day, the wedding will end, but it’s the marriage we want to last.

Why do you love what you do (your business)?

I LOVE people. I love helping people and coordinating and premarital counseling are two ways that I feel I can best serve others.

If you could give couples advice for their wedding, what would it be?

My advice to couples would be, remember this day is to celebrate YOU and YOUR love. Don’t get caught up in keeping up with the trends or trying to top someone else’s wedding, be YOU. Have a wedding that you love. Celebrate YOUR unique love. I think when it comes to wedding planning, some people can get caught up in the idea of wanting to please other people. But remember, this day is yours. Whatever you choose to do to celebrate your marriage is completely up to you. One way that you’ll sure be able to please the majority of people is by looking into sites such as, to think about renting out a photo booth for your big day. This will add another element of fun to the day. Plus, who doesn’t like creating memories? This would be a great addition. Also, think about ways to make your wedding meaningful and special to you and your future spouse. Your guests are there because they love you, so they will also love the ways you personalize your wedding.

Wondering how you can reach Megan? Check out her website at

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