Summer Wedding Planning

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Summer Wedding Planning

Summertime is finally here!

Are you planning to spend your Summer wedding planning? I hope you’re enjoying some relaxing time away from planning. It can be so stressful!

Yesterday, I had to remind myself to step away from the wedding world a bit and focus on some personal time.

I picked up the Summer copy of The Magnolia Journal, my watermelon mint lemonade from Chick fil a, (YUM by the way! So refreshing!), slipped on my Ray Bans, and threw down a blanket in my back yard. Having a moment to relax is rare in my life. Having a toddler is a wonderful thing, but can suck the life out of you.

Reading about Joanna’s recent projects and how she juggles family and work life was encouraging. Her insight is also good for brides in the midst of planning a wedding. I loved her article on confidence, “and not the strut-your-stuff -bikini confidence” she says, lol! So true! She talks about a strong, quiet, inner confidence that I so desperately want in my life. Am I alone in that desire?

When I worked primarily as a Registered Nurse, I was surrounded by a lot of loud, “confident” women. I put quotations around confident, because I don’t think they were confident. Being loud isn’t confidence, and I often shied away from those people because they honestly “wore me out”.

Are there loud, “confident” people in your life giving you all their opinions about how you should plan/execute your wedding? Be true to yourself and your fianc√©. Don’t let the noise of how everyone else wants you to plan your wedding, to take control of your emotions and decisions.

Summer Wedding Planning

Recently, I had an overwhelmed bride come to me saying how overwhelmed she was in the process. She cancelled her wedding ceremony. At our initial meeting, she had a glow in her eyes when she talked about her wedding day. Now her eyes were clouded with stress. How sad! I ached for her and wished she had a wedding planner by her side to help with this process. Don’t let one of the biggest days of your life cause you stress. Check out the many wonderful wedding planners in your area! And take my advice: get away from the wedding world for a little bit. You’ll return refreshed and glad you did.


Happy Friday!