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Spring House Restaurant Wedding

Spring House Restaurant Wedding
Spring House Restaurant Wedding This Spring House Restaurant wedding is giving me all the squeals today! First of all, I got my film scans back WAY early from Indie Film Lab (Great job guys!). If you ever want an amazing lab to send your photos to--they are the best! Anyway, I was super excited about Melissa and Travis's wedding. First of all, they are the sweetest[...]

Beautiful & TastyWedding CakeYum!

Wedding Cake
If you know me, you know I LOVE wedding cake! There's just something about the marriage of sugar, flour and icing that gets me every time. I love it! And since I am at weddings pretty regularly, I can tell good cake from--well, not so good cake. Can there actually be a bad cake? If there is, I've never eaten it. So today I am doing a quick roundup of some of our favor[...]