Thursday Wedding Inspiration

Flowering bush contax 645 film image Kodak Portra 400Thursday Wedding Inspiration

I am a photography tech nerd, I admit it! While I’m not tech savvy, that is Alex’s field and why he compliments me so well. I do like the latest and greatest in photography gear. Which is why I’m SO excited with our new Contax 645 film camera! Loving this camera for years, I finally bit the bullet, as they say, and purchased this stunning equipment. What makes it so special? Check out that image above. The blurry softness of that image, along with the range of colors is why I love it so much.

Following film photographers for years, I’ve grown to love the look of film and how beautifully it captures skin tones and details that digital photography just can’t. It’s also exciting to use industry-topping tools to bring you the prettiest images in wedding photography.

If you are booked with us for 2017, congrats! I’ll most likely be shooting several rolls of film at your wedding! Because I am still in the transition of learning to shoot film, this will be free of charge.  If you are  interested in booking a film wedding for 2018, I will have special pricing available before the end of the year.

Knoxville Brides

If you are a Knoxville bride and interested in some free bridal portraits done on film, contact me at with a picture and your story for a chance to win free bridal portraits.

Winston Salem Brides, Greensboro Brides, Raleigh Brides

If you are a bride in the Piedmont Triad, the Research Triangle Park, or along the coast of North Carolina and South Carolina wanting bridal portraits, contact me! My email is You can also send me a picture and your story. I will choose a bride and contact you soon!

I can’t wait to see what the new year brings and I’m so excited to be able to deliver these timeless images to you. up-to-date on new things happening here by subscribing to the blog!