Urban Loft Style Stays Fresh Through The Holidays Red Boat Photography

Urban Loft StyleStays Fresh Through the Holidays

I recently had the opportunity to work with Charity of Honeybee Events on a styled holiday shoot. Our previous work together on Christmas-inspired shoots resulted in a Wedding Chicks feature so I was super excited to work with her again! Charity designed this shoot using elements she personally loves. It was a “Charity Style” shoot and we were thrilled with the results. It is featured today on Aisle Perfect and Aisle Perfect Living. See the feature here. It was also featured on Two Bright Lights’ Facebook page here

Urban Loft Style Stays Fresh Through the Holidays

Charity created a write-up about the shoot, the inspiration behind it, and how the shoot embodied her personality. She writes:

“In years past I have embraced the timeless, natural look, but this year chose a non-traditional look for my downtown Knoxville loft. I have a slightly quirky taste that is best described as “boho- chic, glam-eclectic”. This year I allowed my decor to dictate my holiday palette, opting for modern and fresh. The high ceilings and brightness of the space provides the perfect artistic backdrop to display statement pieces and showcase bright pops of color. By integrating masses of flowers, brass, and glass, my decor allows the space to sparkle throughout the holiday season. I love how my look can transition seamlessly from a holiday soiree in December, to a fun evening gathering on New Years’. Having to store multiple boxes for events so close together is difficult, so I chose a look that easily transitions. With a few simple changes, the decor could even transition into Spring.”

Honeybee Events Honeybee Events

Kate Spade Christmas Presents Framed art Terrarium with candle Honeybee Events Charity Honeycutt Honeybee Events Jackson Avenue Knoxville Tennessee Gay Street Knoxville Tennessee Old City, Knoxville, Tennessee Old City Knoxville Tennessee Old City Knoxville Tennessee Snow and invitations pomegranates limes lemons and oranges Bar Cart by Honeybee Events Bar Cart by Honeybee Events Holiday Styled Shoot with Honeybee Events Kate Spade Christmas Presents Flowers in vases Books and Flowers by Honeybee Events Party table by Honeybee Events pomegranate and wine Pomegranates and wine Home for Christmas Honeybee Events Home for Christmas by Honeybee Urban Loft by Honeybee Events Wedding Punch and flowers Christmas Scene by Honeybee Events Party Punch by Honeybee Events Labrador and Honeybee Events Christmas Presents by Honeybee Events Christmas Tree by Honeybee Events Floral styling by Honeybee Events Whimsical bouquet Honeybee Events Oranges and Limes in a bouquet Citrus centerpiece by Honeybee Events Centerpiece by Honeybee Events Styling by Honeybee Events Christmas Tree by Honeybee EventsHoneybee Events  Floral by Honeybee Events

What I Love About This Urban Loft

As a photographer, I see a lot of different design styles at every wedding or event I shoot. I love that Charity always has something different. Her looks are always fresh and unique! She encourages me to push myself creatively and I adore that about her. This Loft shoot is simply another example of her talent. From the citrus on the floor and in the bouquet/centerpiece, to the glammed-out Christmas tree, the shoot was just unique, eye-catching and fresh. Adding in furniture from Anthropologie, this show was just beautiful. Can’t wait to see what we do next year!