Beautiful & TastyWedding CakeYum!

If you know me, you know I LOVE wedding cake! There’s just something about the marriage of sugar, flour and icing that gets me every time. I love it! And since I am at weddings pretty regularly, I can tell good cake from–well, not so good cake. Can there actually be a bad cake? If there is, I’ve never eaten it. So today I am doing a quick roundup of some of our favorite cakes.

Wedding Cake #1

Our first cake comes from Tart Sweets in Winston Salem, North Carolina. This cake was BEAUTIFUL! I really enjoyed tasting icing afterwards (ssh, don’t tell!). It was a foam cake for a styled shoot, so that’s all I got to try of it, so don’t judge. I did eat a macaron, which was amazing. Tart Sweets does such a good job on macarons. You know, if you don’t make them just right, they taste like styrofoam. (not that I know what styrofoam tastes like…but it’s how I image it would taste). I love the icing swirls in this cake too. I would highly recommend Tart Sweets for your wedding cake! You can see more pics of this gorgeous cake here.
Spring House Winston Salem North Carolina


Wedding Cake #2

This cake was amazing. It was so good, I never got a piece of it! Which speaks well of Short Street Cakes, the bakers of this delicious dessert. Short Street Cakes has to be amazing, because they were featured in this article from Our State Magazine. Their cakes are all natural and obviously delicious. You can see more photos of this amazing cake here.

asheville wedding photographer asheville wedding photographerWedding Cake #3

This amazing cake was done by Cakes by Manfred and wow! How beautiful is this semi-naked cake? I loved the lightness of the flavor and how it wasn’t dry. It was the perfect weight of cake. You didn’t feel overloaded with sugar after eating it. It was perfect! You can see more images of this cake here

blog-post-suriano-wedding-59 blog-post-suriano-wedding-58

Wedding Cake #4

Kyle & Ashley opted for wedding cakes, which, how can anything like cake being made plural be a bad thing?! These cakes made by Seaside Sensations was the perfect treat to end a simply sweet day. See more images of the sweetness here

Beaufort north carolina wedding red boat photography-59 wedding photography wedding cake

Wedding Cake #5

Delish is the perfect way to describe this cake! Other than the obvious reason, this cake was from Delish in Greensboro, North Carolina. I was working so hard, I didn’t get to taste this cake either, but it was quickly gobbled up at Kyle & Ashley’s wedding at the Spring House in Winston Salem, NC. See more images of this sweet cake here.

The Spring House Restaurant Winston Salem North Carolina The Spring House Restaurant Winston Salem North Carolina

Wedding Cake #6

Rachele & Thomas’s cake created by the bakery staff at Hunter Valley Farm was just adorable! I love the Willow Tree cake topper. You can see more images from this wedding here.

Hunter Valley Farms

Wedding Cake #6

Adam & Shannon’s gorgeous cake was also made by the bakery staff at Lowndes Grove. I love all the blush and white details of the roses. So gorgeous! Check out more here.

Charleston wedding-31

Wedding Cake #7

Last but certainly not least, is Camry & Eric’s understatedly elegant cake by Ali Smith Cakes.

I just love the elegant and simple design. I was too busy to eat this cake too, but I noticed a lot of guests going back for seconds, and well…that speaks for itself! See more images here.
New Bern wedding-33 New Bern wedding-32


I hope you’ve enjoyed this tour of cakes. Maybe it inspired you for your wedding cake? One final tip I have to leave with you, is don’t forget to make a list. I recently met with a client who got to the week before her wedding, and forgot to book a photographer! She was so panicked about the fact no-one would take beautiful pictures of her big day, and her cake! Have a look at companies like to find out more the different wedding photography packages available!

Please comment below with any amazing cakes you’ve seen or tasted!