Wedding Shoes are a statement. They project your personal style!

Statement Wedding Shoes

Wedding shoes are more important than you may think.

I am embarrassed to say that I was that girl who wanted to wear my rainbows during my wedding {Blush!} Yes I said that!

But, as a disclaimer, I wanted to be comfortable. Who doesn’t want to be comfortable on one of the most amazing days of their life?!

As I was planning my wedding, I made the comment to a friend about my plan to wear flip flops. A coworker down the hall came out of her office with an angry look on her face. “No Katie. You cannot wear flip flops. I forbid it”. At first I thought she was joking. Then I realized she was someone I would never be. She was pretty much my polar opposite. I realized, “she is a shoe-girl”.

The Shoe Girl convinced me that nice shoes wedding shoes could also be comfortable. I was skeptical. So she sat me down on her lunch break and we did a quick search on Google.  We began to narrow down the overwhelming choices by my favorite color (red), my inability to walk in stilettos, and my preference to be as comfortable in dress shoes as in my Rainbows.

When I saw them, I knew. I knew they were the shoes. They were my wedding shoes. Kate Spade crimson red, kitten heels with a bow on the toe. I was in love.

I am not a shoe girl to this day. BUT I enjoy a nice pair of boots, flats or sandals on occasion (my personal favorite brand is Gianni Bini). I’m still found running around town, the office, to store…in my Rainbows lol. I am a flat-footed beach girl and that’s all there is to it.

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Love Camry’s Jack Rogers wedges

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(shoes provided by Nitsa’s Bridal Salon)


You know, I still have those shoes to this day. I wear them on special occasions with my husband.Our anniversary, special date nights, to others’ weddings. They still have a little bit of dirt on them from when we went out into a field to have our couple’s photos taken. I treasure those shoes and I am so thankful that someone talked me out of Rainbows and into a more stylish, wedding-appropriate shoe.